UFOs are real, says the Pentagon

Avatar admin | janeiro 1, 2021

The US Department of Defence (US DoD) has released three unclassified US Navy videos The videos are of aerial phenomena involving unidentified aircrafts. This is the first-ever acknowledgment by the US DoD about the existence of such phenomena. The first video was shot by US Navy pilots in November 2004 and was leaked in 2005. The second and third videos were shot in January 2015 and were leaked in 2017. US DoD wanted to clear any public misconception about the reality of these videos. The pilots involved in the events have described the movement of the aircrafts as ‘inexplicable’. The US DoD investigated such aerial encounters under a classified program from 2007-2012. A former head of the program says “there is very compelling evidence that we may not be alone.” He resigned from the program in 2017 in protest against the secrecy of the program.

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