UFO sightings | Alex Filippenko and Lex Fridman

UFO sightings | Alex Filippenko and Lex Fridman

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  1. Its really inspiring that you are bringing this topic frequently so that scientific community takes a look on this . Bravo!

  2. I have difficulty listening to Lex Its like pulling teeth waiting for him to get to the point ….
    I have photos of Entities taken during the day …No Sound ….No Sonic Boom…No heat trails
    Entities are capable of being invisible to the human eye as Humans see only .0035% of elecromagnetic spectrum Known as visible light ….Entities are and have been entering Earth and our Oceans for Millennium ….Lex can you tell me and your subscribers why we are going back to the Moon and looking at setting up a base on Planet Mars .When we have not even Mapped 5% of Earths Oceans????…Would you not think Mere Mortals would have the interllect to know our own planet better before investigating other planets ?…..In closing our future can be found in our passed….If we take the time to join the DOTS…….

  3. I never used to take it seriously but what i don't understand now is why the US military now admitting that they get frequent sightings of physics-defying unexplained objects messing with their crafts and bases and opening investigations because they don't know what they are?
    It's not so much about 'is there evidence for aliens' or not, but just WHO is flying these crafts??
    Im skeptical but for me it's getting kinda hard to explain it away when hundreds of pilots and high level commanders are talking about it!!

  4. The people in trailer parks in southern Missouri that spot UFO's at 2:45 a.m are always the ones who are put on the news. Not the highly credible military personnel and this is done by design

  5. "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" Lance Armstrong used the same quote…. Why is it always the assumption that these beings are are always travelling "lightyears, back and forth" defying lightspeed physics? We have an orbiting spacestation because it's a pain in the ass to go back and forth 250 miles up. CMDR Fravor said he saw something very large under the surface of the ocean when he saw the "tic tac". The ocean is still a huge unknown volume of space. Whatever this phenomenon is, could very well be here, and have been here for a long while, either on Earth or in the neighboring area. Not "lightyears away". Also, are we really so presumptuous to think we'd be able to surveil a society or group of beings far more technologically advanced than humanity? If they don't want to be seen, they won't be. This is a good read on the military's interest in a topic they have no interest in. It's mostly military documents in relation to UFO's and military reported sightings, not all Close Encounters: "UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry". Keep pushing the boundary Lex, that's how true discoveries occur.

  6. They've been recorded for millennia, not since atomic weapons. And guys, the pentagon have already stated that "we have 2 off world vehicles in our possession" and the scientific community don't all believe their not real, guys what are you talking about??? WTF!
    Either this is an old video (these two), or you don't research the topic your talking about, makes my blood boil that it takes so long for people to wake up, and insulting to those that research this topic thoroughly.

  7. he talks about the "great filter" theory but if ufos are real then the theory is clearly wrong, he also said he doesnt think thereis many civilizations lol, he thinks were special. we are literally surrounded by millions of earth like planes everywhere that look exactly like earth

  8. extrodinary things are often the simplest. carl sagan was a muppet, i wouldnt quote his stupid child like statements for a gold bar, most of them stole simply re wording them,

  9. It's amazing how many scientists say they've studied the "evidence" yet don't know a speck of history on the subject.

  10. There are more stars than we can conceptualize, many of which have clusters of planets, some have proven to be in the life belt. We also know that the periodic table contains the same elements that are found throughout the rest of space that we have here on earth. Chances are there are planets with life that is not as sophisticated as it is here and some that are many thousands of years ahead of us. It seems highly unlikely that the universe is sterile outside of our atmosphere when life is found everywhere around and in the most extreme places on earth. Why would life only occur here and in more species than we know about but not on other planets when other some of planets have been found to be similar to earth? Life seems to be like the elements running through space, like electricity does as well. That we have not developed the technology to travel to and from near by stars does not mean it is not possible, we've only been working at it for a relatively short time.

  11. People misunderstand. Project Blue Book said that about 80 percent of cases had mundane or normal explanations (like the moon, car headlights, stars, flashlights, swamp gas, etc.), that about 15 percent of the cases they couldn't say one way or another, but it also said that the other 5 percent of cases are true unknowns!

  12. I kind of find it ironic, that Professor Filippenko is wearing a shirt that has the image of arguably, the smartest human being that has ever existed on our planet. Yet, at one point, was berated by his
    peers and the scientific community, for his outrageous, outlandish tales, claims and theories. That are still being proven correct, to this day.

  13. With all due respect, i didn’t hear one scientist commenting on the tictac ufo footage say, ‘that’s interesting. Can i get more footage of this?” They scoffed, sir. How is rejecting something science? And don’t you, as a scientist, at least hope that our military officers can distinguish between something alien and a weather balloon? Even farmers in the 1940s had seen mannequins.

  14. It just doesn’t make sense that extraterrestrial life would be advanced enough to travel between stars and manipulate gravity, while being primitive enough to be observed and even captured by human technology. Really, it doesn’t make sense that aliens would fly around in physical spacecraft at all. Technological progress is not linear, but it accelerates. At these hypothetical aliens’ stage of development, they should be able to create and control artificial super-intelligence, or perhaps greatly enhance their own natural intelligence. At that point, the complexity of their own technology should skyrocket. They wouldn’t even need spacecraft anymore. They could impress their consciousnesses onto the fabric of space-time or something like that. Certainly they wouldn’t allow themselves to be seen, or crash-land in the desert.

  15. its interesting that we humans who are so defective think we are the only living beings in the universe, they exist like we exist., and that's it, its not big deal… there is a lot about this universe that we will never know, and that is okay, that's life…

  16. imho the best evidence of "weirdness" or non-human intelligences is the leftover remains from animal mutilations, I wish there more people who at least would take interest in this phenomena and not dismiss it immediately. UFO videos are extremely easy to fake or be a misidentification, but with animal mutilations there is leftover hard evidence to study.


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