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This lecture by Dr. David Allen Lewis was probably given in *1977, 14 years prior to the publication in 1991 of his ground-breaking book UFO: End Time Delusion with Robert Shrekhise. The dating is relevant, as in this lecture Dr. Lewis shares a “prediction” he made in 1955, which was shown true by the date of this lecture, given about 22 years later.

The date is also relevant as Dr. Lewis made 2 more “predictions” in this lecture in 1977, one of which has already been shown as coming to pass, by now in 2012, which is about 35 years later. The 3rd “prediction” herein has yet to come to pass, but there are increasingly many indications it someday likely will.

Besides being an excellent introduction and overview to the topic of UFOs and alien abduction for Christians, this talk gives a powerful prophetic insight into both present and possibly future events, with the guidance of Dr. Lewis, someone known for having a track record of being right about these things. This should be considered mandatory educational material in relation to the topics of UFOs, aliens, and Bible Prophecy.

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*Edit: This corrects the mid-late 1980s date given in the video slidesContributed by highlady420:
“1977 is probably the year of the speech, here’s why:
1) The Herald Article is from August 15, 1976;
2) He speaks about campaign promises Carter made regarding UFO info, Carter took office in January 1977 and left office in 1981, however Dr. Lewis doesn’t mention that he never released the info;
3) He says that Jeane Dixon predicted by the end of the year that UFOs would contact the government, I believe this comes from a National Inquirer Article from 09/14/1976, and indicates 1977 as the year.”

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