The Berkshires UFO — 5 of The World’s Top Body Language Experts Weigh In.

Avatar admin | dezembro 31, 2020

Unsolved Mysteries’ Jane Green talks about the Berkshires UFO. Five of the world’s top body language experts analyze her body language and nonverbal behavior and tell you what they see. Is she being honest? These 4 short snippets from the Netflix Unsolved Mysteries episode The Berkshires UFO is all they need to let you know exactly what happened.


The Behavior Panel
Scott Rouse:
Mark Bowden:
Chase Hughes:
Greg Hartley:

Unsolved Mysteries’ fifth episode, titled “Berkshires UFO,” looks at a number of people in Berkshire County, Massachusetts, who reported seeing or experiencing something having to do with an unidentified flying object on September 1, 1969. A few of the people featured in the episode detail experiences like abductions, or seeing an object resembling a giant flying saucer in the sky.

The Behavior Panel is a group made up of the world’s top body language and behavior experts, Mark Bowden, Scott Rouse, Greg Hartley, and Chase Hughes. Together they analyze the body language and behavior displayed in videos in the public interest. The Behavior Panel is a non-partisan group, looking to educate and entertain the public with their interest and expertise in nonverbal communication, body language, deception detection, interrogation, and resistance to interrogation.

By looking at the gestures, facial expressions, micro-expressions, and context around what people say, this group of nonverbal behavior experts reveals the possible truth and deceptions.

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