New UFO video released, shows incident from 2015

New UFO video released, shows incident from 2015

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  1. Large, unexplained objects in the ocean have been seen many times. It's the perfect place to hide, down here on Earth.

    Reminds me of my all time fave science fiction film – The Abyss. That film was inspired by such incidents.

    It wouldn't surprise me at all if aliens were occupying our oceans. They could even have been there for millennia. Either in person or just autonomous drones. Though, I expect that when it comes to such advanced civilizations, they are all machine intelligence anyway – not biological.

    We would be doing the same on other planets in the future anyway so it should come as no surprise that someone got there before us.

    Interesting, but nothing to worry about. In fact, I think we should expect it.

  2. I followed the link but there's no detail. IS there an article or interview somewhere with more detail? Without understanding of the numbers and how these cameras operate you can't understand anything; it just looks like you're looking at birds flying by.

  3. I just took a live iPhone picture of something similar to this flying object – my iPhones camera captured it yet my eyes couldn’t see it – it was until I saw the picture that I noticed something flys so fast past what I was actually taking a picture off – I was able to zoom in & stop the live footage to actually capture what it was – and its something so similar to this – shape size and colors – even the speed it’s traveling similar to the object I caught on camera .

  4. How come in this day and age of super HD photography capability all UFO videos still appear to be captured by a potato cam?

  5. What I don't understand is how, if the object was going that fast, did the weapons system manage to get a lock on, despite it taking several attempts given, but still? Surely an advanced vehicle, moving at such a speed, should have made tracking attempts impossible? Most reports say that these "UFO's" can travel miles in seconds. I don't think that vehicle is going that fast. I think it is important to remember that "UFO" doesn't necessarily mean "Alien". I don't know what that object is, but, I don't know why exactly, this just feels more… Man made to me for some reason. Why is it none of these ever crash in like really obvious, public places, where it's impossible for the government to deny that there's something going on? Why do we NEVER get a really close, really clear picture?

  6. The object is white… which means its COLDER than the ocean. its not a bird… a bird would die from hyperthermia instantly.

  7. I believe this footage was from an F-18, correct, using their FLIR system? I know the 2004 footage that David Fravor's team took was also from F-18's. Not sure what type or radar system or the name of the ship (which captured this whatever it is on radar) that was in Fravor's fleet, but curious whether it's either the Roosevelt itself or at least the same system?
    Reason I'm curious is I wonder if these things are actually artifacts of something those systems are doing. Now, I know at least Fravor and his team saw these things with their own eyes, but it's not uncommon knowledge that eyewitness accounts can be the most inaccurate and misleading.


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