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January 25TH, 2021 – Guest: Butch Witkowski

The final Monday of every month, Butch Witkowski joins us for Strange Days, where we take a serious look at the cryptid and paranormal realm. Butch is the creator and lead investigator for Pennsylvania’s

Director, Founder, UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania
Editor, JAAR, Journal of Abnormal Abduction Research
Member Institute of Frontier Science
Member of Acadamie d Ufologie
ParaNexus™ Consultant/Advisor – Ufology
Former MUFON Chief Investigator,
Star Team Investigator & State Section Director
Former Law Enforcement Officer

I’ve been an Independent Researcher since 1989 when I, along with 4 other people, witnessed a UFO of unbelievable size quietly hover above a mountain in Tucson, Arizona. It was totally silent. Burn Copper in color and at least three football fields in length. It moved slowly up and down, then rose upwards, moved forward, and then vanished at lightning speed. We all agreed on what we had just seen. However, calls to the Sheriffs Dept., the news media, and the local Air Force base yielded no sighting reports. I began my own investigation into the UFO Phenomenon on that day.

After joining MUFON, I was able to dig deeper into past and existing cases and pursue even more on site investigations, but my research was still lacking something and I wasn’t getting to the crucial answers that I was seeking.

It was time to go about this work in a different manner, and after almost a year of serious reflection and consideration, I started the UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania in 2009 and brought together some of the best like-minded researchers I could find.

The use of multi-disciplined investigators enhanced our fact finding like no other group that I’m aware of at the present. Our primary objective is to pursue both the historical cases and new cases that arise with hopes of bringing resolution to some of these cases of High Strangeness. We have also fielded two fully equipped mobile units and have affiliate groups in nine states and one in Europe


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