Great Reset, UFO Disclosure & The World Order – Sean Stone / Jay Dyer

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Sean Stone joins me to discuss his book, great reset, his works and more! We cover the ideology of imperium, its typical failure and collapse, the modus operandi or corporate enslavement, how the banking elites enslave, the problems of fiat and currencies, mafias and unions, Oliver Stone films and themes, the history of the British Empire and Quigley’s analysis, the Great Reset and Klaus, Sean’s take on aliens and the Nephilim and cults, and much more!

Bio: “Sean Stone is more than a standard media host. The former host of Buzzsaw (on The Lip TV and Gaia) brings his perspectives to a new podcast about spiritual experiences, esoteric truths, and our mysterious universe. Join Sean and his fascinating guests as they discuss the topics that will unleash your imagination… Download the App — Vokal Now — and check out his new show InnerViews.”

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