CeramicSpeed UFO Drip NEW 2020 FORMULA // The fastest chain coating in the world!

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Want the fastest drivechain available… look no further than CermaicSpeed UFO Drip! We dive into what the team at CeramicSpeed have been concocting to save you those precious watts. The new 2020 formula has been improved further and now we see;

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• All disciplines
• 300 km per coating
• Over 15% faster than previous formula
• More than 35 coatings per bottle

• Non toxic, non-flammable, bio-degradable formula

• Increased temperature stability – apply between 5-35OC / 41-95OF
• Reduced price compared to previous formula: €40 / $45 (previous prices were €70 / $75)

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New vs old formula
• 15% faster
• 50% longer lasting
• 50% more coatings per bottle

• 40% lower price

0: 00 Intro
0: 11 About CeramicSpeed
0: 26 New 2020 UFO Drip formula
1: 08 How many km per 180ml bottle
1: 30 15% faster than original formula
1: 49 Biodegradable formula
2: 00 Temp Stability improvements
2: 28 New lower price
2: 38 Best application method
4: 30 What’s your favourite chain lube?

Help with Application
For new chains and first application, fully clean and dry the chain, ensuring to rinse all cleaner off before drying.
We recommend CeramicSpeed Clean Drivetrain for this purpose. Always shake the bottle well before each use to
ensure an even application of waxes. Apply UFO Drip directly to the chain rollers over the cassette, rotating the
chain slowly backwards. Coat the entire length of the chain twice, roughly 8-10ml. Allow UFO Drip to dry a minimum
of 8 hours for best results and clean performance.
For follow up applications with an overall clean drive train, wipe the chain surface with a dry and clean cloth, and
repeat the above process beginning with shaking the bottle of UFO Drip. You will use less UFO Drip for follow up
applications, around 5-7ml. Let dry for 8 hours.
If your drive train has become thoroughly dirty and contaminated, begin with a full cleaning as you would for a first

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