AMA: Unitive vs. relational spiritual experiences, morality & UFO experiences

Avatar admin | janeiro 6, 2021

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Topics & timestamps:
0: 00 introduction
0: 16 Unitive vs. relational spiritual experiences
8: 43 Morality
18: 41 UFOs
29: 47 Will humanity centre peace and collective wellbeing in the future?

#spirituality #morality #ufos
We live in a world filled with suffering, where attempts to help have been split into largely separate scientific and spiritual communities. As a spiritually engaged neuroscientist I hope to communicate how these seemingly separate world views can be reconciled. I produce weekly videos on topics at the intersection of neuroscience and wellbeing, including consciousness, meditation and psychedelic science.

Dr. James Cooke:
Neuroscientist, writer & speaker, focusing on perception, meditation, psychedelics, mental health and wellbeing.
PhD in Neuroscience, Oxford University
MSc in Neuroscience, Oxford University
MA in Experimental Psychology, Oxford University

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